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When you buy nilevar, make sure you know what you are getting.

Nilevar, or norethandrolone, has often been compared to Dianabol, due to its low androgenic and high protein synthesis characteristics. Though it is an oral compound, nilevar shares similar traits with some of the injectable nandrolones. Nilevar was a forerunner to some later developed drugs, namely Anavar, which has generally replaced Nilevar in effectiveness and low androgenic effects, meaning less female hormone effects. Nevertheless, Nilevar still holds some interest for those who incorporate it into a cutting stack or a bulking stack.

Understand the side effects when you buy nilevar.

If you are planning to buy nilevar, you want to know the potential side effects. Again, similar to dianabol, nilevar can cause some virilization, the development of androgynous characteristics. More so in women than in men, Nilevar side effects can range from a deepening of the voice, and extra body hair growth, to infertility (in women). It has also been known to cause natural testosterone reduction, gynecomastia, acne and water retention, and due to its oral nature, hepatoxicity (liver damage) is a possibility. On the upside, when you buy nilevar, you are getting strong protein synthesis and a decent fat burner as well as joint relief on par with Dianabol.