Buy Nilevar

Nilevar is an excellent steroid especially for body builders. It is also one of the oldest anabolic steroids being used in the U.S and was manufactured by Searle. 

Body builders buy nilevar because it produces significant weight gains and is therefore highly recommended for bulking phases when weight gain is required. However studies show that Nilevar is equally effective for the cutting phase as well. The steroid with two in one quality is of course what every body builder would love to buy.

You must buy nilevar if you want a stronger and bulkier body. This is because Nilevar promotes protein synthesis. Muscles require protein for their growth and development and with the use of Nilevar, the protein level in the body increases thereby increasing the size of the muscles. Nilevar also protects your muscles from protein catabolism which is the harmful muscle wasting disease. Nilevar is a very good fat burner and so you can get rid of the extra fat on the body by using it. This also means that the muscles you build will be lean. Sports people also buy nilevar to boost their energy level. You can buy nilevar if you want to use it alone or you can stack it with other steroids for better and faster results. In short, Nilevar is a potent steroid which gives dramatic gains both in weight and muscle mass.

Side Effects of Nilevar

This amazing drug has its fair share of side effects too. Women body builders are in particular told to stay away from Nilevar as it produces male features in women. This condition is called Virilization. In Virilization, women lose their feminity; they acquire a more masculine look, their voices deepen and they develop facial hair as well as hair on their bodies. The breasts also become smaller and the menstrual cycle either becomes irregular or ceases all together. Besides these changes, Nilevar is said to cause infertility in women therefore it is not recommended for women altogether.

Loss of hair, acne and excessive growth of hair on the face and the body are other side effects of Nilevar; however these can be controlled with medications. Aromatization in men is also a negative point of Nilevar as it causes gynocomastia which results in the development of female characteristics in males most prominent of which is the enlargement of breasts. These bitch tits definitely decrease men’s self esteem. The worst part is that this change is permanent and doesn’t go away when the drug usage is stopped.  The only way to get rid of them is surgery. Another side effect of aromatization is water retention. Water retention results in fake muscles which don’t have real mass to be translated into strength rather water retention results in watery muscles which gives the user a fake physique and not the real mass. Prolong use of Nilevar also stops the natural production of testosterones in the body. As it is taken orally, it is also liver toxic. Prolong use of this drug results in severe liver problems, intense situations of which could lead to death.

Buy Nilevar Online

Like all other steroids, Nilevar is also banned in the United States. It is marketed in European countries like France and Switzerland. It is not readily available on the black markets as well. The steroids available on the black market are prepared in underground labs and such steroids are often contaminated. The steroids bought on the black market are often overpriced too.

If you want to buy nilevar then you should check out the online pharmacies. The online pharmacies are legal and the reputed online pharmacies sell you one hundred percent genuine steroids. To buy nilevar you only have to fill out a form online and make the payment. Your steroids will reach you within a few days. You can even get a discount if you buy nilevar from online pharmacies. Another plus of buying nilevar online is the safety of packet delivery. You will get the steroid in a safe manner which ensures you don’t get into any legal trouble due to buying of controlled substance. Just make sure you have checked around and have compared at least five sellers before making payment to any one of them. Sellers having many of the reviews should be your priority